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Camping in hot weather

Author: Time: 07/14/2017 Read: 792

If you are going camping during the summer, it is important to always consider that the weather can be extremely hot at times. Hope these tips make your camping experience a bit cooler.

 Start your hike early and finish late. Early morning starts for any activity, so you can rest in the heat of the day. Take a long break near shade and water during the hottest part of the day. Even if you are eating and drinking correctly you still need to avoid hiking in direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day.

When setting up a campsite, remember to check the location where it will get the most afternoon shade. When the camping site is near water, there will have breezes coming off the water, but you should consider it may increase the level of mosquitoes near your camp.
Whenever you are near water, make sure to stay wet that you can do to help decrease your core body temperature, and a difference in how comfortable you feel.Swimming or wading in water is an easy way to get cool. Taking a nice dip in a river or lake is a relaxing way to cool you off. Rivers can also be nice, but beware, as river currents can be dangerous.

Having a water bladder for your backpack is a perfect way to help you stay hydrated. Water bladders can stay very cold even on a hot day, and the process of getting the water in you couldn’t be any easier. With a small tube attached to the bladder, all you have to do is bite down on the end of it to help get yourself hydrated, which is an important part of keeping yourself cool. A water bladder with a filter can provide you safe drinking water.

The body cools itself by perspiring, and the sweat depletes hydration in the body. It is absolutely essential to replace this lost moisture by drinking an adequate amount of water. There ways help combat the heat and cool yourself down to help you relax and enjoy your trip.