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Do We Have Dirty Drinking Water Inadvertently?

Author: Time: 06/12/2017 Read: 284

We know that water pollution is easy to see in an abandoned bottle, but it's difficult to find out where the contaminants are from and how to control it.
We may not spend a lot of time worrying about if drinking water is safe. After all, humans have countless ways to tame and treat water. While some commercial activities such as consumer goods contribute to the water pollution problems. The researchers found that, our clothes may lead to a new problem: superfine fiber. Superfine fiber, a small plastic shed when we wash our clothes. Any synthetic yoga pants, wicking shirts and wool blankets are caused by the contaminated items.

As an individual, there are countless lifestyle changes that allow us to limit the entry of water pollutants into the environment. Here are some ideas:
Reduce the use of aromatic chemicals, detergents, and fabric softeners when washing clothes
Avoid harsh chemical detergents such as bleach and choose lime juice or white vinegar instead
Dispose of old prescription drugs at municipal facilities
Don't rely on fertilizer or pesticides in our garden
Keep the storm water runoff system andplant vegetation near the drain to reduce erosion

Saving our water is so simple. Using common sense and a sense of responsibility will get you on the right track!