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Hiking-Get out and explore the great outdoors

Author: Time: 04/17/2018 Read: 241

The best way to see the natural beauty of the area is to hike in it. When you hike on the backroads, you conect deeply with a region, and enjoy spontaneous encounters along the way.
Before you head to hike, here's what you need to know:
1. How long will you have to hike? Hiking isn't just for weekends in the backcountry or your annual two-week road trip. You can sneak in a short 20-minute walk up that hill near your house several times a week. As a beginner, you can hike the trails that can be done in less than a day, that won't require you to pack many gears.
2. Will you be hiking solo or with a group? Someone like hiking solo, it is more flexible for them to change the trail at any time. But if you are afraid of the dangerous on the trail, you can go with your friends, it is also a better opportunity for you to deepen understanding about each other.
3. Where is your hiking location? Search more information about the hiking trail on website, or ask your friends or coworkers if they know any good spots.
4. What equipment do you need for hiking? As a beginner, you don't need to hiking with too much stuff for a short trip. Any bag that will hold your stuff is sufficient.  A comfortable pair of hiking shoes is very important. A smart cellphone can be a compass, distance tracker, mapper, and so on. Make sure your cellphone is fully charged and ready to go. Having some first aid stuff is a good idea. Remember to bring plenty of water, sometimes one bottle of water is not enought, a portable water filter is more useful, so that you’re not starting at a hydration deficit. Don't forget the snacks, nuts, candys and furits, which will keep you energized and healthy. If it’s sunny outside, get yourself some 30SPF waterproof sweatproof sunscreen to cover up those ears, cheeks, and back of your neck.
Get some great snacks, strap on your shoes, and go explore the ourdoors. No matter what kind of hiker you are, you'll find a trail to love, and enjoy a nature-filled hike through the trees and mountains and maybe even stumble upon a newfound mountain vista! 

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