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How to breathe properly when running?

Author: Time: 05/25/2018 Read: 1122

Many people actually don’t care about the pattern of breath. They are just accustomed to breathe like daily time. But if breathe in a wrong way when running, it is harmful to their body.

As we all know, breathe mainly through mouth and nose when running. Then how should you breathe properly when running?
You can just breathe through your nose at the beginning of your long running but you should run slowly. If you want to speed up, please breathe through your nose and mouth together to relieve your respiratory muscle. You can breathe with 3-3 breathing pattern (exhale every three steps and also inhale in the same number steps.) In addition, the optimum pattern for around 85% of runners is a 2 - 2 breathing pattern (taking two steps while breathing in and two steps while breathing out.)

A faster breathing rate would be more costly in terms of energy expenditure of the breathing muscles, and at some point the ventilation demands along with the energy cost ends up favouring a breathing rhythm around the 2-2 mark. Taking three steps per breathing cycle (2-1) probably would allow for the greatest amount of air to be moved per minute while running, but is usually not necessary until you a working very hard, such as in the latter part of a 5k or 10k race.

When running, you need more O2. Learn correct method to breath when running to meet your need.