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How to choose a water filter

Author: Time: 04/19/2018 Read: 336

      Do you love outdoor sports? Have you ever been trouble in whether heavier water should be brought or not? If yes, maybe a water filter could be helpful.
      Why is a water filter needed?
      As we all know, the pollution is so serious that we can’t drink safe water at anywhere and anytime, which gives rise to lots of backpackers stuck in whether they should carry heavier water or not? Whenever they go outside, there are a great number of kinds of stuff to take. Therefore, for them, bringing water is too trouble. In addition, if camping with friends, they are confused how much water should they take along? However, if taking a water filter with capacity 1500L, they won’t be worried about this question.
      What is it?
      It is a stuff that can turn dirty water into clean and safe water. There are diverse water filters in the market, like Ro water filters, hollow fiber membrane purifiers, activated carbon and ceramic filters and so on. All of them can accomplish the filtration.
      How to choose it?
      First, it must be light. The reason why they bring it is that the water is so heavy and they want to ease the weight of a backpack. So, the weight is given priority to. What’s more, it has better to be carried portably.

      Second, everyone hates to buy something whose lifespan is so short, bad quality. Bigger capacity filters are necessary, but if you go alone, maybe a mini personal water filter is suitable. If with partners, a water filter pump is a good choice because perhaps someone cares about you suck the outlet mouthpiece. Use this type of filter, please carry a foldable water bag.
      Third, although  fond of doing outside sports, some persons are far behind of the athletes. they don’t want to have difficulty in operation. So, complicated manipulation, please go far away. Choose a filter through sucking directly to get clean water or a filter pump that you just push the piston rod.

      Fourth, good quality commodities are always popular with people. The number of waterborne bacteria and virus are inconceivable. Choose higher filter technology water treatment kits. Following filter system for your reference:
      Reverse-osmosis membranes: purification rate reaches 0.0001um equal to 0.1nm (actually it doesn’t have so accurate filter rate because water is 0.4nm, virus 2—50nm, and bacteria 200—20000nm, like this, a drop of water can’t pass), this kind of filter can remove >99.999% bacteria and virus but three cups of water are discharged for each cup of water. In addition, it needs to consume electric energy.
      Hollow fiber UF membrane: its rate reaches 0.01um but Diercon water filter can remove>99.9999% bacteria and virus. Its advantages: simple structure, easy maintenance, long lifespan and large water yield. Every coin has two sides. Its disadvantages: failure to remove limescale.

      Activated carbon: 6 months longevity, it can remove residual chlorine and some bacteria, improve taste and provide healthy water.
      Ceramic filter: acid, alkali and corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, about 1years longevity but heavy and delicate.
      Above of all are our personal opinions. If making mistake,we would appreciate being corrected.