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How to get clean water

Author: Time: 04/10/2018 Read: 316

How to get clean water
When climbing mountains, perhaps everyone takes lots of food except for water sometimes. As we all know, it is too difficult to go ahead without any water for anyone. It is better to know some ways about how to get clean water. Only by this way can we drink water when doing outside sports if we could have taken water.
First, filter by cloth. By this way, the water source must not be dirty. It can just purify the bigger stuff such as leaves, stones and sand and the like. The gist in this type of Do-It-Yourself filtration is that a thin cotton cloth or discarded garment is used as the filter medium. Cover the mouth of your bottle with cloth. Don’t make it move and then pour water into the bottle through cloth. SO easy!

Second, fill up water with your bottle or other containers and then just wait for the coarse impurities subsiding spontaneously. After subsiding, please pour out the clean water into another clean bottle.

Third, try to find the water source, dig a as big as possible hole and drink the water bubbles which are filtrated actually by sand. This method is suitable for you if you find the water source with a bit of sand.

Or fill a water bottle whose cap should be dug a tiny hole with small stones and water source, and then upside down

Four, boil water and you will get the clean water. But you need fuel or branches to help you. Even a pot is necessary to be carried.

Last, prepare a mini water filter that must be portable and drinkable. In addition, it has better to remove more than 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and improve taste. You can drink water directly through sucking outlet mouthpiece.