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Is rain water safe for drinking?

Author: Time: 04/18/2018 Read: 244

Rain water is considered the one of the purest form of natural water. But when rain passes through the atmosphere before falling to the ground, it can pick up any contaminants in the air, including particulates such as dust, trace amounts of atmospheric gases, nitrates and nitrites, and so forth. In pollution-free region, rainwater will still be slightly acidic because carbon dioxide in the air reacts with water to form carbonic acid. Thus rain water isn’t even pure when the raindrop forms.
Don't drink rain water that falls near chemical plants or near the plumes of power plants, paper mills, etc. because the rain water become water impurities. Even in a relatively low pollution area with few particles in the sky, rain water should be treated before drinking. 
So how to make rain water safe for drinking?
Boiling is a good idea. Boling the water will kill off pathogens, it will improve the quality of rain water.
Filtration maybe is a another better way. A water filtration will remove chemicals, dust, and other contaminants in rain water. Better collect and filter rain water for continuous long term use.