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Is rain water safer to drink than sea water?

Author: Time: 04/24/2018 Read: 977

       Nowadays, the pollution is more and more serious, wherever you live, the water you drink from the rivers or lakes is more or less polluted, which is not safe to drink directly. Drinking it, you must promise your health through purifying. 
      To some degree, rain water is safer than seawater. In seawater, besides oxygen and hydrogen, there are two most common elements sodium and chloride. What’s worse, seawater is polluted by man consciously or unconsciously. As we all know, how rain comes into being from vapor and where vapor is from. Rain water, with a few chemicals, dust, pollen, mold, and other contaminants, is still the water supply for much of the world’s population, passing through the atmosphere before falling to the ground, which actually is a preliminary purification. Relatively speaking, rain water is safer. But we still suggest you filter it for drinking. 
      There are many water filters in the market. However, they can’t purify seawater. Many people are longing for seawater purifiers. Fortunately, many experts are committing themselves to research and development of seawater purifier. In the near future, we are not worried about the water pollution any longer. 

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