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Pump Water Filters

Author: Time: 04/02/2018 Read: 426

The best personal water filters on the market are the type that requires pressure to work-the Pump Filters. Pressure is typically created by pumping a handle, which forces water through the filter element. Filter elements usually utilize permeable ceramic or hollow fiber membrane elements, and sometimes incorporate a charcoal element which is used to remove bad odor, as additional improvement of the general function.
Ceramic Filter

Hollow Fiber Membrane filter

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Ceramic filters element eventually clog and they must be cleaned periodically to maintain efficiency.

Membrane filter element also clog, but they can be cleaned much more easily by back flush device along with the filter itself. 

Placement of the pump handle is a consideration when selecting a filter. A better ergonomic design uses a handle that pumps from the side. This design makes it easier to fill a couple of water bottles without the strain imparted by end-pumpers.

Another consideration is how water gets from the filter to your bottle. Most filters use a small hose that secures to the outflow end of the filter, with the end of the hose sitting inside the water bottle. Devices like this require the bottle to be placed on a flat, level surface that does not allow the possibility of the bottle being accidentally kicked over in the process of filling it.