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Small actions lead to big changes

Author: Time: 06/14/2017 Read: 287

With massive threats to natural areas on the rise—like water pollution, species loss and declining forest habitats—there’s a clear need to take action and help protect the planet. Some people may be tempted to blame the degradation of resources on industrial pollution or large-scale land development, but in truth the collective impacts of human activities are substantial.

What we can do to take care of our nature mother?

If there was a bunch of random trash on the floor of our house, we will pick it up. But when we see trash on the trail, what we will do? Just pick it up, and pack it out. It’s really as easy as that. Small actions can lead to big changes.

Impacts in the outdoors are both individual and cumulative; they add up over time. What that means is that if just one person does one or two things to minimize their individual impact on any given outing, that person is indeed making a positive difference for our shared recreational resources.

From now on, carry a portable water filter with you when in the outdoor, instead of bottled water.