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Solo camping

Author: Time: 04/16/2018 Read: 233

Solo camping can be a great experience. It can provide you with some well-needed peace and quiet away from work, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It also can give you a better understanding of your personal limitations and strengths. So camping alone affords you access to the great outdoors and your inner thoughts. 
Firstly, you should be realistic about your body and skills that can get you from point A to point B on the camping. Know the area where you're going and then let someone you trust have access to tracking your location via your phone’s GPS. Best to be prepared in advance.The basics include food, water, clothing, shelter and emergency supplies. But just be sure everything you're using isn't too complicated or heavy. 
During the camping, don't put yourself in dangerous situations. Take proper precautions to ensure you are as safe as possible from poisonous creatures, large predators, sick or disturbed animals, and even human threats. Keep in mind that don't advertise that you're a solo hiker, when encountered other campers on the trail, don't let them know your hiking solo. Be polite, exchange pleasantries but end the conversation, quickly, and move on down the trail.

Enjoy your camping.

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