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The basic necessities of drinking water

Author: Time: 05/31/2018 Read: 1520

Many people want to drink pure water. For them if the pureness means 100% pure water that is harmful to their health, it doesn’t suggest to be drunk. In the world there is no 100% thing. Actually, water doesn’t need to be pure but just potable.
According to experts, pure water filters out all minerals and microelement and has penetration which is not suitable for people suffering from gastrointestinal disease.
Water consists of H2O.microelement, minerals and material including organic matter and inorganic substance, also including virus and bacteria. Water doesn’t need to be pure but potable. You should not drink pure water in a long time, which is harmful to your healthy.
There is nothing in pure water, otherwise, the nutrition in your body dissolve in it. In other words, the pure water does not bring nutrition but make you lose. 
Remove solids (through filtration or sedimentation (coagulation/flocculation)
Remove any harmful chemicals. This could be softeners/ion exchange.  Not usually a health problem but a nuisance.  You can drink hard water.
Kill bacteria (through chlorination, chloramination, UV, or ozanation)
Perhaps remove disinfection byproducts if the concentrations are high enough to cause health issues from chronic exposure.  
So if you want to drink outdoor water, you just need a normal water filter to remove virus and bacteria.