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Tips for safe summer hiking

Author: Time: 07/05/2017 Read: 686

With a little preparation, hiking can be a safe and enjoyable recreational activity. Now would be a good time to talk about hiking with extreme heat.

You can do to stay safe

Bring enough water and food for the distance of your hike, stay hydrated and drink a minimum of a liter per hour of hiking. Keep sodium levels high with salty foods or sports drinks.


Wear the proper shoes and clothing can help keep you safe. Wear the thin performance that makes you feel cooler. Cotton is the best material to wear, and one’s T-shirt should be a light color. A hat is important, and a towel that stays cool when wet is a good idea for hanging around one’s neck. The long pants and shirts also protect you from snakes.


Wear sunscreen on face, neck, collar area, hands and lower arms and cover everything else with clothing, prevent the sun burning your skin.


Even in warm summer months, hypothermia can be a serious danger in the mountains. Weather conditions can change rapidly, so be ready for rains or high wind. Time your hike earlier in the morning or later in the day when temperatures are cooler, so pack some warmer clothing.


Have a rest- stop for breaks. Use this time to hydrate, snack, and cool off.

Be aware of what you could possibly encounter, and take the necessary precautions. Preparation is the smart way to ensure a safer summer hiking season. Keep in mind that safety is always top priority. Diercon water filter straw can filter outdoor fresh water into safe drinking water.