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Travel alone or travel with partners?

Author: Time: 07/06/2017 Read: 751

Traveling is the immersive experience that you can get lost in the streets, stumble upon great places, and meet people and preserve memories.  Which do you like to travel alone or travel with partner?


Traveling solo gives you the freedom and flexibility to make plans that suit you.
It allows you to chart your plans independently, you go to places that you like, eat when you want and do what you love. Go to whatever city you want to go to without checking in or asking and making sure it's something that "everyone" wants to do.

Travelling alone often exposes you to chance encounters as compared to hanging around in a group. You not only get to meet people from totally different backgrounds but good conversations with fellow travelers lead to great experiences.


Traveling with partners is incredible. Everyone's stories are unique and interesting; being with them in new and exciting places allows you to see all the things in new and exciting ways, and making some incredibly awesome memories. You're never lonely, when you travel with your partner. You can make new connections, taste new food, have great conversations along the way.


You learn about yourself more easily. Your partner is someone who sees you and understands you in ways that very few or no one else ever has. Oftentimes your partner knows you better than you know yourself. Being in new places can lead to being vulnerable and being honest, and deepening the intimacy between you.

Traveling is going to be worthwhile. So if you have just enough time, money and that itch to travel, just go ahead and do it. Direcon water filter will provide you safe water all the way.