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What are your experiences traveling alone?

Author: Time: 06/23/2017 Read: 279

We all dream of traveling. Travelling alone is all new worlds of adventures. You can meet strangers from different cultures, face new people, and evolving with each experience.

Your time is your own, and you can change and adjust when you want. Traveling alone gives you the opportunity to experience a destination exactly how you want. You can climb a hill or jump with parachute out there. Even hopping here and there in the new place, gives you overwhelming joy. And travelling alone brings you more close to nature. You enjoy each moment of this closeness with no intrusion. The bountiful hills, the lustrous landscapes and the graceful rivers are so enticing that you do not want to leave that place. It also helps to build the sense of preservation and responsibility towards nature.

Traveling alone gives you time for soul-searching. Strengths, weaknesses, you have to confront who you truly are as you learn to rely on yourself and your surroundings. Having time disconnected and in your own head can be a great thing. You can put those thoughts together and get a proper direction towards your actions. A strong sense of independence is inevitable as survival is in your own hands. Whether it’s navigating a new language or a new city, or even an uncomfortable situation, you grow strength and confidence with the thought that you may have to take care of yourself. It’s a sure confidence-boost!

Traveling alone makes meeting new people really easy. When you travel alone, you are more willing to step outside your comfort zone and start talking to new people. Even if you like traveling alone, there will often be time when you feel a need to talk to someone. From that person that helps you take your carry on down on an airplane to the person that shows you your way to the hotel and ends up becoming a close friend. Traveling alone really shows you the kindness in strangers.

Travelling alone helps in making more memories which you can cherish anytime, and it can make you happier and peaceful, and help you reinstall the faith and confidence in yourself. Take care of yourself carrying a water filter bottle for travel with you. Diercon water filter bottle PB01M has hollow fiber membrane filter and antibacterial activated carbon filter inside, which can remove the malignant bacteria in the drinking water and improve the taste, providing your healthy water.