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What should you do in outdoor emergency situation?

Author: Time: 06/26/2017 Read: 262

If you are going to hike in a remote location that’s more than a day hike away from civilization, you should carry more stuff. You need a blanket, flashlight and a way to signal or call for help. Also keep extra layers of clothing, water and high energy foods. 

In case, you are in a dangerous situation, you need to cover your bases to survive:
1. Stay Calm: Keeping calm and thinking clearly is the foundation upon which your survival depends.

2. Keep Situation Awareness: Identify your position, using map, compass or GPS. If you are not sure of your exact location, think back to the last location of which you are certain. Using that as a reference, estimate how far you have walked since that time. Think of any landmarks, junctions or other points of note that you may have passed.

3. Keep Safety: Keeping hydrated should always be a priority, know how to find water. And warm yourself by putting on dry clothing layers, getting into your sleeping bag and/or building a fire.

4. Rescue: If injury and/or weather conditions prevent you from reaching safety under your own power, then you will need to be rescued. Use signal fire or make noise to attract someone attention.

5. Remain Positive: The most important thing you can do is to remain positive. Whether you are waiting to be rescued, riding out the mother of all storms or planning an evacuation, nothing is to be gained by worrying or thinking negatively. Never give up; as long as you are alive there is always hope.

Always have a method to start a fire. Always carry a dependable knife. Also, carry some way to purify waterDiercon emergency water filter is one of your choices. You can survive a very long time without food, but you must have water and you must know in advance where to find or create it in the environment you are traveling through. Take responsibility for your own welfare. Help won’t always be there when you need it.