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You Should Own A Reusable Water Bottle

Author: Time: 06/15/2017 Read: 311

Most of disposable water bottles turn into “litter”, and take thousands of years to bio-degrade. So by using your own reusable water bottle, you stop supporting and promoting single-use environmentally damaging bottles and help protect our planet.

And you might be surprised at how much you end up spending on water when you buy a new bottle every time you are thirsty. Bottled water is hundreds and sometimes even thousands of times more expensive than tap water. A onetime investment in a reusable water bottle will ultimately save you a fortune.

Reusable water bottles are so much more convenient. If you have one, and remember to use it, you will always have your drink when you or someone else needs it, you will always know exactly what its contents are, and you’ll always be able to use it again next time. And, most are fit for travel to clip on or attach to backpacks and to keep your drinks tempered and fresh. Properly cared for, a quality water bottle is a lasting investment in your everyday convenience.

To have a reusable water bottle, and be a part of the movement to help the environment, at great benefit to yourself! What’s more, picking up a filtered water bottle can put an end to bad taste and odor from tap water and equip you with a quality filter that can accompany you where ever you go.