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Diercon Pocket water microfilter

Author: Time: 11/07/2013 Read: 2252

No matter what adventure you plan to undertaking, you will certainly require clean&safe water to fuel your efforts. Although sparkling mountain streams and rushing creeks typically appear crystal-clear and pure, but they can often harbor dangerous organisms and particles that can quickly turn your adventure into a nightmare. The best way to avoid this microscopic slew of unwelcome hitchhikers is to arm yourself with a water filter or purifier. Both have the ability to fight against bacteria and protozoa, but only a purifier can fight against viral threats. It is a good idea to do your homework regarding the water quality in the area you intend to explore so you can prepare accordingly. Below are some of the best choices for a portable water filter based on filter quality, efficiency, and reliability. Top performing purification tablets were also included in this list to assist those who desire the added protection against viruses. 

The Diercon Pocket Water Filter is an enduring favorite due to its reliability, durability, and versatility. This brick house of a filter is rock-solid, and can handle some hard core use and abuse. The ceramic filter is a breeze to clean with the scrub pad, and as long as you keep that filter clean, pumping is a breeze and the flow rate is stellar. A pre-filter on the intake tube helps keep larger particles away from the filter. The 20-year warranty isn't too shabby either. One potential downside is the weight of this filter (20 oz), but many individuals feel that its performance is worth the extra weight.

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