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Diercon tactical water filter for your travel drinking water

Author: Time: 07/14/2016 Read: 1126

If you are planning a trip or vacation, having access to safe drinking water can be a challenge. Outdoor water can contain disease causing contaminants, largely due to inadequate water treatment, sanitation and hygiene. Diercon outdoor tactical water filter that is ideal for travel – compact, portable, and rigorously tested by Germany TUV.
What make Diercon tactical water filter ideal for travel? With highly precise ultra-filtration membrane element and carbon filter, the outdoor water filter can remove 99.9999% of water bacteria, and can remove VOC, and residual chlorine, and can soften the water, reduce the heavy metal, improve the taste of the water. What’s more, the aluminum sleeve protects the personal water filter from crash.
The Diercon tactical water filter is light weight, convenient, and extremely portable, which is the best choice for your travel.