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energy food and drinks

Author: Time: 05/29/2018 Read: 2174

     When you do outdoor sports, you need to bring energy food and drinks. Of course, you can eat normal food and drinks, but compared with this, energy food and drinks have some advantages, which make you prefer to pick up them not normal food.
     The longer you do sports, the more calories are consumed. You can buy goods according to component description. Normally, 200 to 300 calories per hour is good. So if you eat too much calories food and drinks, maybe you will put on weight easily. Control yourself.
     Carbohydrate is your main energy source. Most people usually utilize about 60g carbohydrate as supplementation. Surpassing this number, it is likely to cause your stomach uncomfortable. Actually, we believe still many adults love drinking carbohydrate. Drinking appropriate amount is beneficial to you.
     Whatever you do, you need protein especially doing sports. You lose plenty of water of your body. So you need to supply energy. If you just drink pure water, it doesn’t make use. Because when you lose water, at the meantime, not only the protein is consumed but also electrolyte loses. In other words, you must get energy from food and drinks to balance osmosis of your physical cells. 
     Choose some energy food to help you finish your sports