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Holidays in China in 2014

Author: Amy ding Time: 04/30/2014 Read: 3156

Dear Customers,

Good day to you!

Following are the major Chinese holidays that Diercon celebrates. Please kindly have a reference. So you can know when you should order and when you need to wait.  That will help this process. 

Thank you for your support! Hope all you have a prosperous year!


Holidays in China in 2014:

Holiday Name Holiday Time Total days
New Years Day Jan 1 1 day
Spring Festival Jan 31~Feb 6 7 days
Qing Ming Jie Apr 5~7 3 days
Labour Day May 1~3 3 days
Dragon Boat Festival May 31~ Jun 2 3 days
Mid-Autumn  Festival Sep 6 ~ 8 3 days
National Day Oct 1 ~ 7 7 days