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How Do Other Cultures View the Cleanliness of Water?

Author: Time: 07/06/2016 Read: 1159

In America, public awareness of the contaminants in drinking water has reached an all time high. More families than ever before utilize a water filter or filtration system in their home to remove contaminants and impurities before consuming water from the tap. America is unique in that nearly every municipality issues a comprehensive water report so the residents of that area can easily access concrete information about their water cleanliness.

Norway, for example, has multiple programs in place to monitor the water systems in the country and assure that the ground water does not become contaminated with runoff. This makes the purifying process of their water sources easier, so that families are receiving fresh and clean drinking water without worry.


In France wasting water is culturally frowned upon, and overusing tap water is scarce. The plumbing costs are more expensive. Culturally, it’s out of ordinary to shower every day in France. Water filters aren’t as common, but the citizens are aware of the potential impurities within.


In other parts of the world, the cultural fixation on hygiene is less intense. Some societies are less actively concerned about the cleanliness of their water, in part because they’ve always had access to clean drinking water. Compared to less fortunate areas of the world they are incredibly lucky to have the resources necessary to purify water and remove contaminants easily.