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Indoor sports VS Outdoor sports

Author: Time: 05/08/2018 Read: 2036

Actually, there are many outdoor sports can become indoor sports, like basketball, baseball and the like. But this article is mainly talked about the differences about them.
1. The air
We, mammalian, need fresh air whenever and wherever, especially when doing sports. As we know, the cells also occur in the Oxidation Reaction, which means they need fresh air to assure the smooth reaction or we will feel sore at the second day. But compared with outdoor sports, the indoor sports can’t provide enough fresh air in time. 
2. The scene
Indoor sports are always held in a confined space, which give rise to you see four walls all the time. What’s worse, you can’t enjoy sunshine. However, if you do outdoor sports, perhaps you could appreciate the beautiful scene nearby.
3. The limitation
Not only sites are limited, but also the types of sports are confined. Yeah, what you guess is right. Many kinds of indoor sports can transfer into outdoor sports, but not instead. In addition, there are also lots of outdoor sports that can’t change into indoor sports like camping, hunting and trekking and so on.
4. Other difference
After doing sports, we are lack of plenty of water, which means we need bring a great number of water when we decide to do sports whether indoor or outdoor sports. We should take much bottles of water when doing indoor sports while outdoor sports, maybe we just need to carry a mini water filter with 60g that can provide 1500L clean and healthy water.
What should we pay more attention when doing outdoor sports?
Hope your answer.