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Lifesaving water purification

Author: Time: 07/25/2016 Read: 1590

Lifesaving water purification is one of the most important wilderness skills. Water makes up more than two thirds of the average person’s body weight.  It is a vital component of our physiology and even a small amount of water deprivation (also known as dehydration) can be harmful.  Unfortunately, not all water sources are created equal.  Lakes, rivers and streams can harbor parasites, bacteria and many other harmful pathogens.  Agricultural and industrial contaminants can also cause serious health problems and are unfortunately found in more and more water systems worldwide.

Most people have access to clean, abundant drinking water in the form of faucets, bottled beverages and other forms of infrastructure dependent technologies.  What would happen if you were put into a situation in which could no longer depend on them?  Being well versed in lifesaving water purification allows you to find and produce clean, healthy drinking water in a variety of different environments and situations.  It can literally save your life.