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New design water filter straw-say goodbye to back wash device

Author: Time: 04/25/2018 Read: 1720

With the passage of time, crystal-clear lakes and rivers are now hard to come by with the advent of pollution. There are lots of bad things containing bacteria in water. People drink this unsafe water is easy to be infected with disease, such as Malaria, Hepatitis and Cholera and even facing a threat to life. But luckly, now there have many portable water filters in the market.


One of them is personal water filter straw, which works just like a straw meaning people can place it right into the water source, and then drink clean water. But after a certain time, the straw will be clgged and will slow down the flow rate. People always use a back wash device to clean the filter to extend the life time of the straw. Now there is a new water filter straw that equipped with self-cleaning system. That means people only need to operate the straw to wash the filter, no need a back wash device.


At the same time, the water filter straw can be used in multiple ways. It can connect with the water bladder when hiking or cycling. It also can be as a gravity powered water filter. Why not have a try?

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