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The benefits of outdoor sports

Author: Time: 05/23/2018 Read: 2073

Living in the modern society, most people choose to stay at home to company with his cellphone on vacation. Due to they are stuck into indoors whatever they are on work or vacation, many people are far away from the health. It is very important for us to do outdoor sports often. 
Why do we often do outdoor sports? Please finish the article.
1. Sunlight. Every of us need to sunlight that can promote our body absorbing calcium and eliminate virus and bacteria. Many people drink milk to increase the calcium of their body but most of them make no sense. So they need the sunlight before 10a.m. and after 5p.m.
2. Fresh air. Most chemical reactions in our body take place with the consumption of O2 from air. But if we stay at indoors too long, the CO2 we produce is likely to be full with the space. In addition, if we are always short of O2, it is also harmful to our brain. Therefore, we need the flow air, in other word fresh air.
3. Health. If you are subhealthy, you need to make yourselves stronger through physical fitness. So forget your cellphones and do more sports. If you feel more stressful, doing sport can make you relaxed, and then you can have a good sleeping. Such that, you only have the energy to deal with your occupation. 
4. Friends. Meet some new friend. If you are lucky enough, it is likely for you to meet your potential clients. So good luck to you.
5. Knowledge. Learn to how to deal with the unexpectation. Clam yourself down what you should do next.
6. Beautiful nature. Find the beauty of nature, and pursue progress of your heart.
We need money but it doesn’t mean we give up everything we have including health, friends or knowledge. So let us go outside to keep fit.
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