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Water Filters--drinking safe and healthy water for you and your family

Author: Time: 07/20/2016 Read: 1136

Concerned about what’s in your drinking water? Well, you should be! These contained significant levels of chlorine, lead, E. coli bacteria, and other contaminants.

Think you’re better off drinking bottled water instead? Bottled water is even less regulated than tap water and has been found to contain a number of contaminants, including potentially harmful chemicals from the plastic bottles that can leach into the water.
Fortunately, there’s a simple solution—keeping water filters for you and your family.

The Filter is the Key. The most important component of any system is the filter itself. The more common types are:
  • Carbon: The most commonly used filter due to its high adsorption rate. May be impregnated with silver to help kill bacteria. Reduces lead, mercury, and chlorine, along with some organic chemicals and pesticides, while improving odor and taste. Carbon water filters do not eliminate heavy metals, nitrates, arsenic, or many microbes.
  • Ceramic: Made from fossil shell material. Unlike carbon, ceramic filters can be cleaned and reused. They are often combined with a carbon filter for more complete coverage. Ceramic water filters can remove bacteria, cysts, and asbestos, but not mercury or lead.
  • UF membrane: With high precise UF membrane, water filters can remove bacteria in water.