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Welcome to Diercon English Site

Author: Time: 03/08/2013 Read: 2498

In order to help customers all over the world choose safer, healthier, higher performance-to-price ratio portable water filtration system and also make more foreign friends known about our products and our brand widely, Diercon Technology Co., Ltd. sets up our own English site today.
The establishment of Diercon English site is an event worth celebrating for us and our customers. Firstly it is a gratifying achievement that made by all personnel in market department with the vigorous backing of company director. Besides, it means that we will further develop marine marketing and enlarge market share at home and abroad. Meanwhile, we will devote heart and soul to develop, innovate and improve product. And we will keep on wining by quality, gain satisfaction by faithfulness to build a good brand image in the portable water filtration system field.
Diercon English site will provide more information about products, company and industries for you.