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What should have in your disaster survival kit

Author: Time: 06/29/2016 Read: 1123

There are countless types of disasters and each type presents a very specific number of challenges. Always layer your disaster survival kit, keeping the most important items on your body. For example, your water filter should always be on your body. 

In preparing your disaster survival kit, select items you can use for more than one purpose. If you have two items that will serve the same function, pick the one you can use for another function. Do not duplicate items, as this increases your kit's size and weight. 

Your disaster survival kit need not be elaborate. You need only functional items that will meet your needs and a case to hold the items. This case should be-- 
• Water repellent or waterproof. 
• Easy to carry or attach to your body. 
• Suitable to accept various sized components. 
• Durable. 

In your disaster survival kit, you should have-- 
• First aid items. 
• Water purification. 
• Fire starting equipment. 
• Signaling items. 
• Food procurement items. 
• Shelter items.