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What’s the difference between outdoor water and municipal water?

Author: Tina Time: 05/23/2016 Read: 1408

Since no disinfection is provided on the outdoor water, the amount of bacteria in the outdoor water exceeds the safe standards of daily drinking water. People consumed these unsafe water is quite easy to get effected with all kinds disease, such as Malaria, hepatitis and cholera and even facing a threat to life.  

The municipal water has been processed with Disinfection, sterilization and purification and meets the standards of the daily drinking water. 

We know it is not safe to drink outdoor water directly, usually people will carry a portable water filter to clean water when in the wilderness. How about drinking the tap water. The water may pick up some sontaminants before reaches to each home. So the water purification can filter out chlorine and lead from the water, provide you healthier water.