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Why You Should Test Your Well Water Regularly

Author: Time: 06/28/2016 Read: 1249

Local drinking water may be contaminated with a wide range of microorganisms, chemicals, minerals, and organic material. The presence of any of these substances can cause serious health problems, especially for the young, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems. So it’s important to check the quality of your drinking water.
In addition to a regular water testing schedule, you should test water if any of the following circumstances apply:
·         If you detect a change in the taste, appearance, or smell of your water.
·         If the well shows any signs of damage, such as a broken well cap.
·         After floodwater inundation.
·         After discovering any possible contaminant source.
·         If the well has a history of bacterial contamination.
·         If a near-by septic tank malfunctions or leaks.
·         If family members suffer recurring gastrointestinal problems.
·         If an infant, elder, or person with a compromised immune system uses the water.
You can use water filter on hand to purify water quickly, which provide you healthy water.