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PB03H Series
Product Name: 2013 new products Diercon plastic sports water bottles filter 600ml BPA free portable bottle (PB03H)
Output:      400 ml/min
Dimension:      78*265mm
Filter capacity:      200L
Material:      PP,Silica,  activated carbon
Net weight:      210 g
Place of origin:      Guangdong China
Water source:      Municipally treated tap water
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outdoor purifier water bottle
portable water filtered bottle
portable water purifier bottle
Diercon portable water filter
Filter and Drink

Your great outdoor helper
Diercon portable water filter
high precision filtration

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portable water purified bottle
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Diercon portable water filter
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Diercon portable water filter

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portable water purification bottle
portable filter water bottle
Model PB0H
Color green
Output 400 ml/min
Dimensions 78*265mm
Filter capacity 200L (activated carbon element about 80L) 
Feature Portable, Eco-friendly
material PP,Silica,, active carbon
Net weight 210 g
Place of origin Guangdong China
Water source Municipally treated tap water
Guarantee 1 year
portable filtered water bottle
Mouthpiece of Portable water filter Food grade silicone, safe, soft and sanitary
Dust-proof cap of Portable water filter 90 degree reversible design, well sealed and sanitary
Food grade plastic, toxin free, high tempature resistance, perfect sealing, easy to wash
portable purified water bottle
portable filtration water bottle
All-physical filtration method, water will be available by simple squeeze.
portable purification water bottle
portable water bottle filter
military water filtration bottle
outdoor purifier water bottle
military filtration water bottle
Composited antibacterial carbon
1.reduce organic compounds,harmless taste and odor-causing compounds.
2.reduce chlorine and the harmful chloroform in the water.
3.reduce the quantity of lead, mercury,etc.
outdoor purifier water bottle
military bottle water purifier
No visible wear and signs of of malfunction found after 20,000 times fatigue at Diercon Internal Lab.
sports water filtration bottle

outdoor water purifier bottle outdoor water purified bottle outdoor water filtration bottle outdoor water purification bottle

B.Sanitary PET packing bag
C.User manual
sports purification water bottle


Normal Operation
  1. Open cap and remove filter element at the same time(cap and filter element are joined together)
  2. Fill the bottle with raw water
  3. Cover the cap, and ensure that will be tight.
  4. Squeeze and suck, and you will have clean water
Cleaning method (JUST AS PB03-01):
  1. Remove the cap and filter element at the same time.
  2. Clean the filter element with water
  3. Dry and install it if you won’t use it at once.

Q: What's the difference between outdoor water and municipal water?
A: Since no disinfection is provided on the outdoor water, the amount of bacteria in the outdoor waterexceeds the safe standards of daily drinking water. People consumed these unsafe water is quite easy to get effected with all kinds disease, such as Malaria, hepatitis and cholera and even facing a threat to life.
The municipal water has been processed with Disinfection, sterilization and purification and meets all safety standards of the daily drinking water.


Q: What's the difference between a outdoor water filter and a household filter?
A: An outdoor water filter is designed to filter the outdoor water, whereas a household filter is designed to purify the disinfected municipal water. Thus it has higher requirement on the preference of an outdoor water filter than a household water filter.

Q: What kind of outdoor water filter can be safe and reliable to filter the untreated outdoor water?
A: An outdoor water filter is used to filter the surface water which may contains pathogens (such as E.coil) with more than 10000/ L. In this way, only a filter that is capable of filtering out 99.9999% of the bacteria can be safe and reliable.


Q: What is the bacteria reduction requirement according to the EPA and WHO standard? How many water bacteria does Diercon straw removes?
A: It is 99.9999%. That means only an outdoor filter that passed the test of 99.9999% bacteria removal is the safest for the user. Diercon straw is the only one in China that filters out 99.9999% of the bacteria and is strictly examined before it comes off the assembly line, This makes Diercon straw a model in the industry and this is also a reflect of our responsibility towards our customers.


Q: What is requirement of NTU for filtered drinking water according to the EPA and WHO standard? What is the NTU of water filtered by Diercon water filters
A: ≤1.0NTU Water filtered by Diercon straw has a NTU of < 0.5, which is the best in industry.


Q: Does Diercon straw offer test report? How do we know that the offered test report is real ?
A: Diercon has built the most complete Measurement Debriefing System by long term cooperating with Germany TUV test centre. All the key test reports are conducted by TUV centre and report details are available by further inquiry from Diercon.
All test reports are provided with respective reference codes. And all test reports can be verified by direct contact with TUV providing them reference codes.


Q: Does Diercon has the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification ?
A: Yes, we have, Dierocon is the only outdoor water filters manufacturer who has the TUV SUD ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification.
Our Quality Principle: Excellence Safety First
Customer Orientated Continual Improvement


Q: Does Diercon has the most authoritative NSF42/53 certification in the water filtration industry ?
A: Diercon is the only outdoor water filters manufacturer who has the American gold seal certificate based on NSF 42/53. The WQA personnel conduction factory inspection every year to make sure we are working strictly in line with their required procedure in the raw materials, production processes and quality control.