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Gravity Water Filter
Product Name: Diercon Outdoor Portable Gravity Water Filter
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Packing List:
1. Water Filter*1
2. 6L TPU Water Bag*1
3. Hose Clamp*1
4. Cap Adapter*1
5. Hose (1200mm)*1
6. Strap with Hooks*1
7. 1L PE Water Bag*1
8. Carry Bag*1

Product Parameters:

Product Name Gravity Water Filter
Product Model GW Pro
Water Source
Different fresh water(such as lakes, rivers, mountain springs, or streams)
Flow Rate 1500ml/min
Dimension 131*42mm
Weight 65g
Filter Capacity 5000L depending on the water quality
Filter Element Hollow Fiber Ultra-filtration Membrane Filter, Carbon Filter

Product Features:
*Gravity-fed, high-capacity, hollow membrane water filter and carbon filter; ideal for group and family camping, outdoor activities, and emergency preparedness

*Compact roll-bag reservoir available in 6-liter(200oz) size; can be suspended from tree or other support for easy access
*Lifetime filtration capacity of 5, 000 liters (1,320 gallons); produces flow-rate of 1.5 liters (0.39 gallons) of purified water per minute
*Remove harmful bacteria >99.9999%, and effectively remove odors, and improve taste