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KP01 Series
Product Name: Outdoor Water Purifier|Survival Water Filter-Diercon KP01-01
Output:   Approx. 1L/min
Filter capacity:   Up to 5000L depending on water quality
Dimensions:   47*220mm
weight:   455g
Water sources:   different fresh water such as lakes, rivers, mountain springs, or streams
material:   Aluminiu ABS plastic, Cera
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Diercon pocket water microfilter turns rain, lake, mountain springs,streams and river water into drinkable water immediately!

Ideal for: Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Survival, Military, Foreign Travel, Emergency, etc.

99.9999% removes bacteria with 0.1μm ceramic membranes cartridge


WQAzs tuv9001-2008zs




product profile


The design of pocket water microfilter KP series base on ergonomics theory, which incorporate the "portable" design concept cleverly, and strive to reach balance in function and convenience perfectly.

KP01 series use the unique innovation patent structure design, which is easy to carry, safe and reliable. It is easy to satisfy the drinking water demands for all kinds of outdoor activities, such as hiking, wanderlust, Cycling, hunting, camping, expedition, climbing, fishing field forces, IAG, disaster etc.









KP01 001.jpg







Approx. 1L/min

Filter capacity:

Up to 50000L depending on water quality





Water sources:

different fresh water such as lakes, rivers, mountain springs, or streams


Aluminium, ABS plastic, Ceramic, Silicagel, Stainless steel etc.


20 years


Prefilter, bottle adapter and carry bag


Product feature



1. Innovative design in pressure-release with patent, easier to operate, faster to output.

It only need to press the relief value button while pushing the piston for several times, the water in the filter will come to a higher level.

Needn’t to wait for a long time, just 5 seconds, you can taste fresh and health drinking water

     KP015seconds 003.jpg



2. Long-life design with a 20-years warranty. All metallic constructions are firm and durable.

This robust water filter made of heavy duty materials is ideal for long lasting continuous use even under extreme circumstances.

 The shell is made of high strength aviation-grade aluminum, which is durable.


3. Having TUV SUD continuous 72 hours salt spray test, Diercon KP series pocket water microfilter isn’t oxidized or decomposed. It can be used in all sorts of bad environment. 



4. Having 120,000 times fatigue strength testing in 7 days by the Diercon test center, the product has no obvious wear, and it work normally.


5. Intimate design, easy to carry

Lighter weight, smaller volume. Compared with an ordinary bottled water its weight diminish about 30%, and volume diminish nearly 15%.

Environment-friendly waterproof bag to carry your water microfilter.



6. Cleanable ceramic filter element. The filter can be cleaned for many times, even reached the ceramic capacity, which can be replaced easily.

Convenient to assemble, disassemble and maintain



Stages to clean water filter element




Kclean 006.jpg 


In order to ensure the safety of the drinking water, it should be replaced immediately on the following condition:

(1) Reach the capacity of filtration (filter element: FC06: 80 L, FC07:5000 L)

(2) The diameter of filter element narrow 4 mm partly.

(3) Appear surface crack 





Filter Technology

1. Ceramic Filter with 0.1µm Filtration Precision
Higher filtering precision of 0.1 microns filtration, be effective in eliminating bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, spores, sediments and viruses in combination with particles greater than 0.1 microns, meet the purification standard of EPA in USA.


2.Multi-layer hierarchical filtering technology 


Adopting Multi-layer hierarchical filtering technology, guarantee the raw water is purified fully and the water filtrated more fresh and healthy.   

bsk KP01 004.jpg


Packing list


Pocket water microfilter for rescue



Packing Specifications
















Normal Operation:

1) Place input hose in untreated water source (river, lake and rain, etc. ), and adjust float to keep prefilter off the bottom and away from sediment.
2) Place output hose into a clean water container.
3) Hold the filter vertically and begin pumping the handle repeatedly.
4) After filling water container with filtered water, remove output hose from container and input hose from water source. Continue pumping to remove remaining water from pump body.
5) Wrap input hose and output hose around housing. Store filter inside the bag.

Cleaning method (just as KP01-02):
Firstly, remove pump base;
Secondly, remove sleeve;
Thirdly, clean the filter element with water, if necessary scrub with sandpaper.
Lastly, dry and install it if you won’t use it at once. 


Q: What's the difference between outdoor water and municipal water?
A: Since no disinfection is provided on the outdoor water, the amount of bacteria in the outdoor waterexceeds the safe standards of daily drinking water. People consumed these unsafe water is quite easy to get effected with all kinds disease, such as Malaria, hepatitis and cholera and even facing a threat to life.
The municipal water has been processed with Disinfection, sterilization and purification and meets all safety standards of the daily drinking water.


Q: What's the difference between a outdoor water filter and a household filter?
A: An outdoor water filter is designed to filter the outdoor water, whereas a household filter is designed to purify the disinfected municipal water. Thus it has higher requirement on the preference of an outdoor water filter than a household water filter.

Q: What kind of outdoor water filter can be safe and reliable to filter the untreated outdoor water?
A: An outdoor water filter is used to filter the surface water which may contains pathogens (such as E.coil) with more than 10000/ L. In this way, only a filter that is capable of filtering out 99.9999% of the bacteria can be safe and reliable.


Q: What is the bacteria reduction requirement according to the EPA and WHO standard? How many water bacteria does Diercon straw removes?
A: It is 99.9999%. That means only an outdoor filter that passed the test of 99.9999% bacteria removal is the safest for the user. Diercon straw is the only one in China that filters out 99.9999% of the bacteria and is strictly examined before it comes off the assembly line, This makes Diercon straw a model in the industry and this is also a reflect of our responsibility towards our customers.


Q: What is requirement of NTU for filtered drinking water according to the EPA and WHO standard? What is the NTU of water filtered by Diercon water filters
A: ≤1.0NTU Water filtered by Diercon straw has a NTU of < 0.5, which is the best in industry.


Q: Does Diercon straw offer test report? How do we know that the offered test report is real ?
A: Diercon has built the most complete Measurement Debriefing System by long term cooperating with Germany TUV test centre. All the key test reports are conducted by TUV centre and report details are available by further inquiry from Diercon.
All test reports are provided with respective reference codes. And all test reports can be verified by direct contact with TUV providing them reference codes.


Q: Does Diercon has the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification ?
A: Yes, we have, Dierocon is the only outdoor water filters manufacturer who has the TUV SUD ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification.
Our Quality Principle: Excellence Safety First
Customer Orientated Continual Improvement


Q: Does Diercon has the most authoritative NSF42/53 certification in the water filtration industry ?
A: Diercon is the only outdoor water filters manufacturer who has the American gold seal certificate based on NSF 42/53. The WQA personnel conduction factory inspection every year to make sure we are working strictly in line with their required procedure in the raw materials, production processes and quality control.